Geobody™ Sense Fitness LLC| is a Life Coaching Company.. Improving yourbody next move 
Hear Your Heart Love Your body

I am Geobody

Geobody® sense utility is an organic function that connects people to understand their senses with a time-sense algorithm. Get A better understanding of the space that occupies your thoughts Advertise
Feel See Smell 
I am Geobody

Taste Hear

Geobody Sense Fitness is the world's first Hand Sense system 
  designed to improve your existence founder Joseph Renwick Randon, founded the Company in 1998 Feb. 14, As a licensing Agent for Save The Earth.

T A P    S O U L    I N   P L  A  Y ™

Welcome to Geobody Sense Fitness

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I designed, coded this page when i was living in Tbilisi

Welcome to Geobody Sense Fitness

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Geobody On Taste - this grip target the ring finger composing many different body postulation founder Joseph Renwick Randon