Feel yourself becoming the purpose
Feel yourself becoming the purpose

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Feel yourself becoming the purpose

See what you hear before you see it

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    Geobody Sense Fitness is the World First Hand Time-Sense Calendar System..
    Designed to improve your next move. founded by Joseph Renwick Randon, Sociologists
    Our Mission is about improving the human image. Geobody Fitness Technique is a Mental and Physical approach that utilizes our Human five senses as a protocol. Thereby, conceptualizing and measuring Geometry for the Body. Our Fitness System has a Philosophy that is dissecting our mission; polarizing methodologies that compliment the health and wellness industry as a whole. Inspiring Positive Energy is very important in identifying." YourBody Space of Healing.


Geobody Sense Fitness llc mission is to improve your next move

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    Our Mission is to improve your next move  


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