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Geobody.tv Algorithm incorporates the sense principles system designed by joseph renwick randon
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Our Organic Power That's What our Algorithm is about
I think I have discovered something special. An Organic treasure in the world of technology. I realize it is difficult to get financial support for natural discoveries especially when the recipe is with you. I have studied countless hours and continue to do so to improve. your donation no matter the size is token for Yourbody and the improvement for mankind

YourBody can give nothing better than personal awareness and development along with the Sense of Peace to loved ones and your fellow man. The first step in giving love and comfort to others is giving love to your own body. " YourBody " As a holistic fitness technique we invite you to Tap your senses into consciousness today inviting others to do the same helps us all to achieve peace on earth. Getting Sense Fitness Creating awareness of body, mind and spirit for self and others is our specialty. Raising Sense Awareness is a core fact needed to help mankind. GeoBody.tv time Sense Calendar provides an appreciation platform for doing so for YourBody. Our daily sense content dialog is focused to engaged and improve the overall image of being Human.
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Month of Smell Awareness January 2015
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Feel See
Smell Taste
Geobody Calendar - Celebrating a sense a day - never leave home without Doing Your Geobody

Geobody.tv Hear Your Heart Love YourBody A sticker Campaign by Geobody.tv A fitness technique with a peace on earth approach
Geobody Hear Your Heart - Love YourBody

Geobody.tv Hear Your Heart Love YourBody A sticker Campaign by Geobody.tv A fitness technique with a peace on earth approach
Geobody.tv 2015 Sense Awarenes Calendar - The World's First Sense Awareness Calendar
Geobody.tv Smell Awareness Month, Sharing Collective Consciousness

Smell The Connection of Freedom On Geobody.tv
" Free Yourself From Mental Slavery "

Be blessed, stay strong, let the dreams in your heart see the light and breathe life. Life is the journey of challenges and triumphs. Time is our greatest blessing, and our experiences are the insight to a higher consciousness. When we don't believe in ourselves, in the essence and energy of our intentions, our life path, our destiny becomes less apparent. What I can see is that life demands our attention and discipline. It is very hard to be disciplined. Instinctively we know what we need, but our inability lies in our own self imposed barricades. Free yourself from mental slavery, and just be free to be who you want to be. Lots of love my friends.
Happy New Year! Lisa Ashley - Smell 1st January 2015
Geobody.tv Smell Awareness Your Best Channel for YourBody to Improve who you are

Taste The Process of Divinity at Hand

Hello Taste, On Geobody.tv; Celebrating a Sense a Day. let us welcome the process an awaken YourBody Sense of inspiration. With that being said let me share the definition. ( keep this thought in mind, how does one taste inspiration ) - Inspiration; something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create: a force or influence that inspires someone. - As the inventor of Geobody fitness technique, it is something that has brought meaning to the purpose; thus improving an educating mankind. When I learned to taste the idea into play. It made sense for the mouth to be the first position of contact. "Taste the Grip ". Believing in the circumference of Geobody is Geometry for YourBody. Henceforth, giving credence to the divinity of our human existence a perfect measure in time. Let Yourbody take the ownership and give time to respect a sense a day on sensibility (Feel, see smell, taste, hear) the channel Geobody.tv Taste 2nd January 2015
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Hear Geobody.tv On The Representation of Time

Hear it is, Listen ; GeoBody.tv Mission "is to improve the Human image of people physically and mentally by utilizing our human five senses as a protocol of inspiration in movement." Geobody.tv On the Scene; Hear finds it perfectly fitting in time to present it's own mission on this date as we beginning to unfold our game plan. Hearing the representation of time goes hand in hand with understand. Write On with YourBody .. GeoBody.. Our Sense Awareness calendar objective plans to bring alive the perspective of not only engagement but a social order that delievers a direct benefits on an universally scale for harmony between the East & West. . Our sponsored link today salutes Geo, at " Carpe Diem Cafe Bar " for inspiring creativity in the word of the Arts... Hear 3rd January 2015
Geobody.tv Taste Advertising a sense a day - the Etiquette School of New York

Taste Preparation How to Start A Conversation

Taste Your GeoBody.tv On Taste; Check it out, When the Art & Beauty meets taste then quality is manifested, thus creating a lifestyle for us to celebrate a sense per day. Exploring your appreciation in time sense, it is truly a gift from God to enlighten this awareness for Yourbody to taste the light. So, Let Your light shine as an endless electrical power source, a surge of effervescent energy; Charging the gift of the eternal sense for life to your beloved human family. Our sponsored link today, welcomes you to Manhattan-New York - The Etiquette School. Taste 4th January 2015
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Smell the Infinite Combinations of Passion

Smell Geobody.tv; Smell the act of wanting to smell. Bring this process to your conscious fill the rise and the exhalation of that release. Come; let's try it together (my goodness it's already 9:45 ) Inhale the combination of fresh morning air with the aroma of coffee. Stay with me let's fill our lower abdomen with Faith as you squeeze, think, desire, hope, achieve, release an believe, give the air to sense of hope. Ahhhh.. Bring your breath back to normality, aligning your nose position with the guide of love for breathing. Our sponsored link today is an Italian coffee roasting company .. take click and taste 5th January 2015
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See through the Shape of Your Favorite Number

Make YourBody Favorite number in Geobody pose; Perception, Sight, See; See On into the details, is it 3? hmmm; The arithmetic value of a Number defines the expression by a word, symbol, or figure, representing a particular quantity and used in counting and making calculations. Bring awareness to sight of a number, numbers, 678, 786, 867 and the combination of thinking how does a number affect our daily lives. "think of a number from one to ten and multiply it by times one" - Let's take the verb of number how it shapes dances the patterns into our daily life often times it implies.. a connotation with the shapes of value. The options and the combination of larger number has a different affect from an visually conceptualization perspective. For better or worst a plus or minus depending on the situation. Human Number is tool assigning a symbol of meaning. Let YourBody compare the mental structure how numbers formats your moves. GeoBody on this! See the into detail, what's your favorite temperature ? See YourBody, give your mental vision a sight to improve on the way you use and see the number in your daily life. Give your eyes 3 times 6 secs of rest today; reflect, appreciate, and open to see Better. Geobody.tv sponsored link Persol is a brand that marries culture of excellence and attention paid to details to create a perfect See 6th January 2015
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Feel The Sense of YourBody ImProvement

Good Morning ladies and Gentlemen, boys and Girls,Gooood Morrrrrnnnninnng... We are ON Geobody.tv Sense of Feel Today Feel and get to know YourBody improvement with time. Our body is encapsulated with skin to Feel. When we use the term it was only skin deep, it normal refers to surface. However, it is still on YourBody Skin. You know what i mean! We are filled with emotions that's one of our human makeups without the mask, to remember and sometimes to forget. Geobody On this ! Geobody.tv on That ! You Feel Me. The sense of feel is YourBody playing field. It's that drive, it's that attitude, it that remote control center, it's all that plus a bag of ... you call it. But, keep it real. As we think to promote our Feel Sense; let us improve our human existence by give YourBody torso a hug. - Wrap your arms around YourBody , identify your fingers, now make them work massaging your back up and down with this hug. Rotating your head in a circular motion, as you bring your ( Geobody Hug feel stretch) silently tell yourself, "I love me "
It time to " Have A Nice Day!" Geobody.tv sponsored link today: highlights the goals and accomplishments of the Save the Earth Foundation. 7th January 2015
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Hear RocNation Listen & Unlock YourBody Potential

Geobody.tv™ ON, Hear; Hear Your thoughts. Listen and capture that thought that makes the most sense to be in control of what you want or better yet need. Living in a high radiofrequency society it's important to step out or run out of the herd and listen to YourBody own thoughts. Doing Your Geobody Hear pose is designed to channel and recalibrate balance and align. Hear the adrenaline of thoughts, feel the emotion in YourBody ocean, it's in motion. Congratulation to your ability to hear, take control it;s your station. So, fine tune frequency. Be Aware, reflect, process, and hear Your~ Geobody.tv on This.... RocNation is our sponsored link .. Like none other RocNation Entertainment is all that.. RocNation ON Hear 8th January 2015
Geobody.tv Taste friendship

Taste The Touch Of Our Divine Creator Being With YourBody

Taste ' Taste the position and Welcome Yourbody to the Team. Dear my Beloved sense of taste. Thank you for the process to feel what I am tasting. Geobody On the operation phase. Henceforth, ' Sinusoidal Functions, the word trigonometry may trigger different concepts in the mind of the reader. ' Yourbody has the divine right to explore peace of mind and hold that serenity as a true touch of being. Taste your inner man connecting all five of YourBody Senses with SoundWater, Team Preparing For Heaven On Earth... Today sponsored link SoundWater.Com Taste 9th January 2015
University of Otago logo.

Smell the Reaction of YourBody On Action ..

Smell again. Smell The mentally process of reflecting on an effect to the affect and talking to your thoughts about what if.. it goes on an on.. The out come of decisions, the emotional energy that influence YourBody reaction. Sometime instinctively acted upon ; whereby reaction is a timed methodical autocorrect action. - Many of you probably heard this phase with every action there is an Reaction - Geobody.tv On . A tip to explore and put into practice. Pressing out side of one nostril to close and inhaling through the opposition nostril while pull the air diagonal to through the ear . This is a very good centering approach that simulate our sense of breathing engagement . Geobody ON Action is Promoting one of the greatest gifts known to mankind.
Our sponsored link to Thinking OtaGo ' University of OtaGo Smell 10th January 2015
Geobody.tv Hear Your Heart Love Your Body Campaign

Taste YourBody Ability To Believe And Learn What You Believe

Good Morning My GeoBody, I am ready to get started. I want to participate an exercise my sense on Taste. I heard yesterday on the sense of smell, one of the participant gave an scented item as a gift. This was one of her ways in connecting the sense of smell being aware an being reminded in the beauty of it. The process of awareness is first to be mentally accepting, that is the circumference of one belief system must play to learn the variables.Let us explore some cognitive patterns and on our Geobody.tv On , Tasting YourBody ability to believe. Let us access the ingredient and start the evaluations process with the most simplist things. Think of four nice words to describe Yourself. Marinate on them and let those words step into every step you think to take todaz. Believe in You. If you are your company would like to support our Sense Awareness Calendar feel free to contact Taste 11th January 2015


Hear What is Next

Hear Geobody.tv; Good God What is Really Next. To Hear, To Feel the vibration of Being. Wow. It has been such an honour to experience this wonderful place. Planet Earth. And to Hear the Word Home. and Call it Our Home. Thank You Great Divine Spirit for the Gift. Hear is Our Heart Open with the Conscious flow of Your divine creation.. Living Water is being released. Let the foundations of the wicked be removed and that which is perfect take formation. Hear is our thoughts as a collective consciousness we stand to be reckon with. No Fear. We Love. We Hear. We will not give up. Not even ever, the thought of losing you is not thinkable. This wonderful gift of humanity, Be Human.. Hear Geobody.tv bring it ON.. ' Let us celebrate our Sense Awareness 2015 G-P:interface May September December - November -February October - January - August March - April July - June '''The Tour U2 is our sponsored link today our concert date will be on hear 12th January 2015
Geobody.tv The Island of the Bahamas things to do, places to stay a

Feel The Ruler For YourBody

Feel; Feel the Game Plan by correcting posture. Feel The Opportunity. Feel the timing of the Opportunity, Do Not Wait ! Go for it. Feel Inspired. Preparing for the future takes practice and this practice align itself with intention. Let's take for example the game of basketball. I recall taking that extra time not only to practice a jump shot from a distance 3 pointer range. But, to shoot from the free throw line, creating goals during practice and challenging my abilities to extending the measurement in achieving those goals. Being Aware helps your present condition. GeoBody is ON, feel the Ruler of YourBody Emotional Energy (e2) and feel it Good. Congratulation.
Our sponsored link The island of Bahamas is best known for it's stellar beaches Feel 13th January 2015
Geobody.tv Al Manahil an oasis created by women for women

See The Beauty Within & Explore Your Own Oasis

Geobody.tv Celebrating Peace in the Middle East: On See: Saudi Arabi ! See the Saudi & the Arabia in You. See the Oasis in the middle of the Desert and Taste your favorite desert and explore the delicious healthy food. There is nothing like finding relief when you need it most. See the beauty in the Sense for time; Geobody.tv congratulates, All the wonderful people in the Middle East. Human passion like non other with a heart beat for humanity. Almanahil -adding another dimension to Your Life See 14th January 2015
Geobody.tv The World Bank Group offers loans, advice, and an array of customized resources to more than 100 developing countries and countries
Smell The Stop & Start Smelling

Smelling the Stop & Start Smelling. That's Cold, 'not physcially but interesting' ~ something that makes YourBody thinks. Smelling the Stop. Geobody.tv says ' I am beginning to crave that raw " instinctual drift " inviting you, your reaction , YourBody to accept the challenge. This is our only month in the Year 2015 that promotes our awareness On the sense of Smell. Come on people!! I mean what is it going to take. It's clear. The message hear is so real and important. Please Today, I ask you to ask a friend or someone you do not know to stop and smell with them and in doing so think about sharing the space of living on earth bring yourbody energy to awareness and inhale and release for 3 to 5 sec. and say thanks for stopping me and asking me to smell. Tell a friend Smell the Stop and Start Smelling the Peace for Mankind.
Our sponsored link to The World Bank Education is fundamental to development Smell 15th January 2015
Geobody.tv Keeping the Right Balance: Enhancing Destination Sustainability Through Products, Partnerships and Profitability
Taste the Taste of Testing YourBody Own Sense of Taste

Celebrating our taste sense from an mentally perspective. Ask your sense of taste ? Is your taste buns getting numb ? Often times we walk and live in reaction to our exterior systematic environments, with that being said we seldom evaluate the want of what do our subjective taste... taste like. GeoBody on this ! Invites YourBody to take responsibility by giving your taste test the test. Taste the coordination of the shapes, the colors you the think you like and the company you keep in your own conversation. Explore, and redefine the image if need be. Taste it's your time to test your position on your opinion regarding Your Own sense of taste. Give your experience a chance. GeoBody.tv Sense On' taste Awareness !!!
Our sponsored is keep the right balance Sustainable tourism development in the Carribean Taste 16th January 2015
Geobody.tv Peace On Earth Campaign ' Sharing innovation through movement founded by Joseph Renwick Randon
Hear Genuine Compassion For Peace On Earth

Hear YourBody with Genuine Compassion... Experience GeoBody Today ' instructing a lying position on your back place the sole of your left foot on your right knee left side, keep your right leg extended developing a sense of concern. Take your left hand place it on teh front of your torso feeling your heart beat. Your right arm shold be extended lying straight.. Taking in Geniune Compassion with recognition of breathe.. for all of who have been practicing Geobody on an intermediate level when you alternate to your right side you should explore the hold touch algorithm for at least one minute. Hear Harmony and listen to YourBody Peaceful thoughts.. Hear Our Heart.. Geobody.tv Peace On Earth Campaign '
A Ruler that makes Sense . Let us connect Harmony Between the East and West..
Hear 17th January 2015
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Taste The Power of Divine Creativity..

Elevating Sensitivity by tasting creativity in Yourbody on GeoBody. Let us recognize those things around us that inspires our sense of taste. It has been proven sometimes it those small ingredient that brings the flavor out of a well prepared meal. Taste the appreciation of giving thanks to that person or writing a letter simply to say I appreciate your support. This bring out the flavor in yourbody senses all together. GeoBody.tv on this and That.. Gives a special thanks to all the participators in making our vision a reality. Mecca Internet Solutions is our Sponsored link Taste Happy Sunday 18th January 2015
Geobody.tv On,  international Smile Week Memorial Heights Dental Center Houston Texas 713 869-0600

Smell the Art of Giving a Genuine Smile ..
Smell the smile. Geobody.tv has acknowledged this day as the official smile week. This morning I made it my job to give a smile to every person in which I came into facial close proximity; until I reaced my destination. Very interesting. In this particular environment because the weather was cold. We all know that weather has it's affects on our humanselves. However, I found it to be rewarding personally and professionally to give a smile. Normally when you hear someone say good morning; something you may feel compel to reply. But, with a smile it bring on another effect. Geobody.tv On this ! Call it medicine to the trees and a course YourBody. A smile, the endless benefits. Smell YourBody smile! Now let get to it. Smile with us and share your smile. Your Comments Are Welcome
Turn YourBody ON GeoBody.tv
where the Art of fitness Meets the Gifts For improving the Human image

Our sponsored link today comes from Houston, Texas USA Memorial Heights Dental Center Smell 19th January 2015
International Smile Week: Made Official 19th of January by Geobody.tv™
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See The Smile In Your Algorithm With A Smile

See The Smile. It has been said and written for years that a smile a day helps keeps YourBody feeling better. GeoBody.tv On Tuesday celebrating the Sense of Seeing. The vision; is it always ahead of the execution ? Digging for inspiration and finding that shiny glitter that inspires Yourbody to move with happiness. It's an attitude, isn't it. That is in you, that is inspiring you cheek bone muscle to pull slightly and your eyes to focus you attention. It's something to see and to recognize, follow it and condition it to smile. Can you see the field, spelled feel; in your instinctive behavior with an algorithmic thought keeping it positive identify it with a smile and train the attitude thereof and exercising it. There is nothing more comforting than to smile within Your Own Body algorithm. It's your company. It's Your Smile. So, See the Smile in Your Algorithm with a Smile. Give YourBody A Break & Smile
Turn YourBody ON GeoBody.tv
where the Art of fitness Meets the Gifts For improving the Human image

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International Smile Week On Geobody.tv™ 2015
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Feel The Smile of Your Soul Making it To Heaven

Feel Your Smile. Geobody.tv Congratulates, The Miami Heat for winning the NBA Back To Back Championships 2012 - 2013. Feel your Smile as a champion. Yes, that right. Smile as if you have just won the opportunity to smile like champion. Congratulation to YourBody for Feeling the Smile.. Feel the Kiss of your lips perking up; ready to smile. It's a wonderful feel hold on to it. Do not let this moment just run away savory it and let that soft smile guide your muscle thinking victory has arrived. Feeling the success all around YourBody; asorb it and let the good feeling radiate to others giving them the feel and the reason to smile with you.
"Your Smile" has been selected the overall #1 Heavenly Smile Draft Picks... Smile on
Turn YourBody ON GeoBody.tv
where the Art of fitness Meets the Gifts For improving the Human image

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International Smile Week On Geobody.tv™ 2015
Geobody.tv On, International Smile Week Certified by the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia and the National 
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Hear The 5 Reasons You Should Smile Everyday
Hear your Smile. Congratulation to YourBody listening skills for turn Your Smile Louder. Geobody.tv On ' The Big 5 ' presenting a compelling argument how these reasons can improve your performance physically and mentally. It will help you achieve more and obtain solutions much faster. The question that may come to your mind is has it been officially proven. Hear on our first indoctrination of our "International Smile Week", It's been an unexpected success. Let me include Your ears in Hearing the Smile and providing you with the five reasons YourBody should smile everyday.
  • When You Smile You feel more alive (1), Smiling helps your eyes see better (2), Smile to capture that significant other male or female (3), Smile with laughter helps you live longer, (4 Smiling increases your energy for learning (5)
    Geobody.tv ask you today to smile on the hour. Pick an Hour & Smile On Your Hour
    Turn YourBody ON GeoBody.tv
    where the Art of fitness Meets the Gifts For improving the Human image

    Our sponsored link today comes from British Columbia, Canada Dr. Langston Raymond Hear 22th January 2015
  • International Smile Week On Geobody.tv™ 2015
Geobody.tv international smile week sponsores
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    Smile with the Taste of Victory

    Taste the Smile. Taste the victory of the smile overcoming obstacles with a smile. This reward you owe YourBody, your ego and your inner being, it is your own pat on your back. A sign of confidence, a simple expression to those that did not want you to succeed. Here is a smile to all of you who need some help overcoming the evil stealer of freedom without a cause. ( Smile With YourBody Not Only Your Mouth ) Taste the smiling faces from all the children of God. Taste a smile from all your good deeds you have done in life. Give YourBody another smile for helping others in time of need. Think about a person who may need a smile... Geobody.tv Thank you all who has started to participate with our Time Sense Awareness Calendar and helping us taste the smile of Victory and supporting our recognized selected sponsors for our International Smile Week. Good On Ya Smile Mate - Luv Ya DownUnder
    Turn YourBody ON GeoBody.tv
    where the Art of fitness Meets the Gifts For improving the Human image

    Our sponsored link today comes from St Kilda Melbourne, Australia St Kilda Dentist Taste 23rd January 2015
    Congratulation ! International Smile Week Participants We Did it! Geobody.tv™ Strong 2015

    Smell Save The Earth Day Everyday.

    Smelling the solution. Is there an art to smelling for the solution ? Do you think that some people seem to have things better than you ? Well before you think of the answer; let us give a moment to think about the process. ( here is where the position within the solution is found ) Smelling the process is one of the greatest attributes that comes with the nose functioning as a distinctive central component. Which may be used to breathe in YourBody survival instincts as a guide. Geobody On this ! Acknowledging the ownership of one's position and making the best decision is the solutio; possiblities invigorates providing an universal ripple effect. Your time position is working in the process all the time so consider the progress as a working tool. Always thinking positive the protocol for making the best decision. Everyday there is a solution mind over matter, even the science of matter and energy has ears and eyes. There is a song that comes to mind and the message is clear Everyday is Smell "Save The Earth Day" 24th January 2015
Geobody.tv Guinness is an Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness

    Taste The Investigation..

    Investigate the Love for YourBody Sense of Taste. Exploring your love for what you think you love; A thought for taste. Let me investigate my taste for that Guinness beer I desired to taste the day before yesterday. The time was in the early evening and I had seen the place before advertising the name and the image of Guinness Beer. I see it everyday, I walk by it on my way to the office. ( The term subliminal taste subliminal message my have trigger .. ) A flash back, I recalling having a cold Guinness Beer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida one evening and it was a cold Guinness, it tasted very refreshing, the weather was a cooling off after a long heated south Florida day. The visual setting of this small round shape bar with two female bartenders captivated a western wrangle wearing Boot sporting look. I think, I read the word " Cowboy " somewhere on the wall. Geobody.tv On the taste and exploring the experience to investigate. Do you love the taste or did you enjoy the experience when you tasted the taste. All the factors an actors have an impact on influencing your mood. So, give your sense of taste some thought some time and "THink about it ". Do you love the actual taste alone or the temperature or the atmosphere that comes with it! Taste the sensation of being the investigator yourself on YourBody sense of taste. Our sponsored link today celebrates being Irish dry stout .. Guinness Beer ~ Committed to responsible drinking Taste 25th January 2015
Geobody.tv Sense Awareness Calendar Logo Ad Placemet

    Hearing The Devil's advocate Helps YourBody Recalibrate to the Journey

    Hear it's 600 hours into 2015. Unraveling the emotional, motivational energy in my thought this morning. I am finding myself in the process of being the devil's advocate of my own; image, my own pathway, my own pattern reflecting in my own current perspective. Does it agree with me improving me or where I plan to be. Considering the opposed perspective and not feeling motivated about self. Good Morning Self. The energy is low and the water is dipping in the sink, and the clock is ticking on the wall between two doors. Seriously, can you hear the sound effect. Ever just explored the slightness of separation from the sounds. Hear GeoBody.tv On this! I close my eyes and apply slight pressure to my eye lids with my two thumb to listen more intently. The clock ticking has not stop, it is consistent unlike, the water dipping, infact I can hear it slower and slower.. Now revisiting the second review of my thought it has pick up the pace and the dipping sound seem faster and louder. Listening the wave of thought patterns happen and having a way to talk it through helps to filter out where you are takingYourBody. GeoBody On - Recalibrating to the journey There it is YourBody, finally. Hearing the Question In YourBody; YourBody energy system is not a bad thing. In fact, it's a conditioning thing especially if you have good intention. Listening to the question in your thoughts and between the frequency of those thoughts. Seeking the technical question from an antagonist perspective also creates a realist point of view. Hear Yourbody Recalibrating to the journey Hear 26th January 2015
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    Learning to Feel 100% Comfortable is
    A Work in Progress all the Time

    Feel YourBody Body Mass index ( BMI ). Geobody.tv ON!
    It's a total process being a work in progress from a Geobody perspective. So, what is your BMI ?"
    "Body Mass Index; The index was devised by Adolphe Quetelet during the course of developing what he called "social physics", between 1830 and 1850. The BMI for a person is defined as their body mass divided by the square of their height—with the value universally being given in units of kg/m2." "Quetelet index; A parameter used to determine nutritional status, calculated by the formula: QI = Body weight in kg/Height in m2."
    Geobody.tv Asks: Where is YourBody Space of Healing ?
    Getting to know "Geobody / A Geobodian" Feeling comfortable is the first state of consciousness. Each point is measured by the next perspective, and the mood to achieve a positive result is the Art in experiencing 'Geobody On YourBody' & Vice versa. The information of study provides a wonderful world of indexing and does provide solutions for achieving comfort zones. As our social physics of human development continue to evolve. We are pleased to have GeoBody as a true sense of appreciation in every sense of the word. A measured contingency to improve the human image.
Geobody.tv s our social physics of human development continue to evolve. We are pleased to have GeoBody as a true sense of appreciation
in every sense of the word. A measured contingency to improve the human image.

    Geobody.tv Time Sense Awareness Calendar sponsored link today:
    the University of Miami Alumni Association is Your Connection 27th January 2015
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    Can You See Your Breathe ?

    Visualize Your Breathe. Now, Breathe what you want into existence. For most of us we would describe air as not visible. It has been written and said many times seeing is believing. Is feeling air the same as breathing air ? I am feeling a bit inspired by today's sense content. In Fact the layers into this discussion rides finite measure of our human existence. The process of sight within Geobody Philosophy incorporates the lesser mathematical ratio compared to all other senses. However, it is one of the most used in our process of navigation physically and sometime mentally. GeoBody.tv message On the Sense of Sight; See the process of your faith taking place and identifying YourBody position. See the attention YourBody is paying attention to; is it on or in Yourbody ? See the importance in seeing the meaning and understanding the sight of seeing your breathe. On the sense of Sight today, See Geobody.tv Time Sense Awareness Calendar sponsored link today:
    Radisson Blu - Hotels See 28th January 2015
    Pastor Kirby John Caldwell

    Get in the Right Circle

    Smell YourBody Sense to Breathe & Give God,
    Our Divine Creator A Chance

    Congratulation to all. Our Smell Awareness Month has implemented a living inspiration. Being our first, Being the first month and the symbolic orientation.. Well, just think about it. Let's take the connotation of the word "is" for example; brings the meanings to life to the present. Geobody.tv On this; Smell YourBody visualization tasting the Sound that is harmonious for YourBody to feel perfection in motion. Identifying your breathe has a great deal to do with balance. Smell the Gravitation our appreciation. Thank you God for this day. Thank you God for the opportunity to breathe and experience the breathe of love. Entering into the Smell of Hope for God.
    Genesis 2:7 New International Version (NIV) 7 Then the Lord God formed a man[a] from the dust of the ground and breathed
    into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being."
    Smell & Access The Power of God - Believe when You Breathe
    Sponsored info ref: Congratulation: Windsor Village United Methodist Church
    Our Month of Smell Awareness 29th January 2015 Smell

    Taste the Value of Time With Yourbody In & On Time

    Taste Geobody.tv. We Salute you all who has taken the time to bring awareness to your sense of time by tasting Yourbody as the most valuable player. This month of January 2015, we have spent 216 hour dedicated to our sense of Taste.
    "Assigning value for YourBody with time ? Dear Great Spirit,
    Thank you for giving us this precious taste of time to be valued."j. Renwick Randon -founder
    Raising the bar, I must say, pushing the envelope, with a fitness approach for peace on earth, and championing the cause by bring more value to YourBody each day one sense at a time. Are you a GeoBody Time Sense Calendar Aficionados Yet ? Hmmmmm.. Wait, before you think about it. Give it some time,. tick tock tick tock.. What's the difference between time and thought ? As we consider the value of time to be the ultimate engagement process whereby the YourBody concept exist to measure your clock. We would like you to consider how you measure Yourbody Value with time. Geobody.tv On this ! Let's us measure the measurement of structure of the importance of time. Considering Life Expectancy at birth, race, sex and so forth provides some interesting statistics; defining the calculation to be considered in the process.
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    Taste The Enchantment of Awareness 30th January 2015
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    Hearing the Appreciation Improves The Team For YourBody Cellular Level

    Hear Geobody.tv. It is known to mankind existence that the energy of appreciation is well received not only for the psychological benefits. But, Geobody philosophy believes for Yourbody wherewithal, like a metabolism booster, even championing the cellular level. The underlying ingredient of appreciation is one defined measure that has inspired Geobody development henceforth, bring the benefits with our very own Sense Awareness TimeSense Calendar.
    Geobody Technique is a fitness system founded by a former basketball player, design to improve the Human image.. 'Hear it loud and clear be in YourBody inspiration and listen to the name of YourBody. If you have not considered a name for it explore thought. Geobody motto asks the question: What's the Name of YourBody ! Thank your all for support our Month of Smell Awareness. Congrats
    Get Mobilize and Cheer YourBody Sense Team On Hearing Appreciation

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    Home Team Hear Awareness 31th January 2015

    Geobody.tv™ Sense Awareness Calendar is based on an " Hand Sense Philosophy.
Geobody.tv Sense Awarness Calendar is based on an Hand Sense Philosophty
    PM 12 Hour Cycle
Geobody.tv Algorithm incorporates the sense principles system designed by joseph renwick randon

    AM 12 Hour Cycle
    GeoBody Algorithm  
Geobody.tv Algorithm incorporates the sense principles system designed by joseph renwick randon
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Geobody.tv Algorithm incorporates the sense principles system designed by joseph renwick randon
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    YourBody can give nothing better than personal awareness and development along with the Sense of Peace to loved ones and your fellow man. The first step in giving love and comfort to others is giving love to your own body. " YourBody " As a holistic fitness technique we invite you to Tap your senses into consciousness today inviting others to do the same helps us all to achieve peace on earth. Getting Sense Fitness Creating awareness of body, mind and spirit for self and others is our specialty. Raising Sense Awareness is a core fact needed to help mankind. GeoBody.tv time Sense Calendar provides an appreciation platform for doing so for YourBody. Our daily sense content dialog is focused to engaged and improve the overall image of being Human.
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